Large apartment building between the Ülemiste district and the Old Town

We will soon be constructing a building in the city centre, which can accommodate no less and no more than about 111 homes. We can’t talk about everything yet, but if our plan succeeds, it will feature big and small homes, cosy and with high ceilings. You can see the buses driving around, smell the New Market or watch the dancers gather in a nationally important stadium near this building. You probably already know where we’re planning to build it.

The colour is not yet decided upon, but it will be green

This building will be Liven’s most environmentally friendly development. Starting from materials all the way to the utilities.

For those who don’t plan on moving to the countryside yet

When constructing the new building, we will consider primarily those whose lives are still open-ended. It’s intended for those who have not yet reached the high point of their professional ambition. For those who are full of energy and are not afraid to use it. Our new apartment building stands firmly with two feet on the ground, but the building is especially intended for those who don’t stay still in their lives.

If you would like to move to the city centre soon, leave your contact information. We will get in touch as soon as we have the latest news.

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Juhkentali 48, Tallinn, Eesti

The neighbourhood is evolving

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